Tom Sutton Design
Contemporary Aero-Organic Furniture Design by Tom Sutton



Trained as a Metalsmith and Furniture Designer at UCLAN(University of Central Lancashire), his early work utilised his fine metal skills creating one-off pieces of tableware. In contrast early furniture pieces evolved around the use of reclaimed domestic and commercial materials. This gave rise to such designs as 'Squeaky Clean', a revolving chair which made use of a disused washing machine drum and bearing. Also the first generation of 'Ultra Glow' lamps utilised the signature glass washing machine door used as a light diffuser.

Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, Tom used his skills and experience to create organic based pieces with an industrial feel. This reversal of identities led to the use of a broader range of material combinations employing them out of context of their intended purpose. The early work of contemporaries such as Ron Arad and Tom Dixon with its industrial rawness alongside the flamboyant yet often organic inspired creations of Philippe Stark, helped fuel the direction of development in Tom Sutton's creations.

The elegance of natural form combined with the use of both industrial related and often reclaimed and sustainable materials produces pieces that are suited to both the domestic and commercial environments.

Tom Sutton designs and produces limited ranges and one-off items of bespoke furniture and interior accessories with an
Aero-Organic identity.